An online scheduler for mobility platforms

Mobius is a scheduling system for shared mobility platforms. It allocates tasks from different customers to vehicles, for applications such as food and package delivery, ridesharing, and mobile sensing. Mobius uses guided optimization to achieve both high throughput and fairness across customers. Mobius supports spatiotemporally-diverse and dynamic customer demands, and provides a principled method to navigate inherent tradeoffs between fairness and throughput caused by shared mobility.

Our evaluation demonstrates these properties—along with the versatitlity and scalability of Mobius—using traces gathered from ridesharing and aerial sensing applications. Our ridesharing case study shows that Mobius can schedule more than 16,000 tasks across 40 customers and 200 vehicles in an online manner.


Mobius Teaser Video (MobiSys 2021)

Mobius Presentation Video (MobiSys 2021)


Our implementation is split across three repositories:


Throughput-Fairness Tradeoffs in Mobility Platforms

Arjun Balasingam, Karthik Gopalakrishnan, Radhika Mittal, Venkat Arun, Ahmed Saeed, Mohammad Alizadeh, Hamsa Balakrishnan, Hari Balakrishnan.
MobiSys 2021

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